There will be another Presidential Election soon. What kind of a President do you want? What should they know? What should they focus in on? Take a peek and learn more of a plan for success!

Let's get our Nation on track. Share this good news with your family, friends and associates. This will work - it did!


 The 56 Club

Our Great Nation  is in grave danger! The Constitution is being ignored and violated far more often than it is being abided to and honored!

We truly have much work to do if our Republic is to survive!

Benjamin Franklin was asked as he left the Constitutional Convention about what kind of government had he and his colleagues constructed for these new United States.

His answer ... "A Republic, if you can keep it!"

We've done a poor job of "keeping it"!

In addition to the very serious disregard of our Constitution, the unsustainable massive debt and unfunded liabilities accrued by this Nation via its leadership are propelling it to its ruin!

Alexander Hamilton forewarned us that, "There are two ways to destroy a Nation. One is by sword, the other by debt." Our combined debt and liabilities has the ability to overcome us and ruin our Nation!

Our children, and theirs, may never know the greatness of America!

They may never fully enjoy "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness"!

Might there be a viable solution to our problems?

Yes, there is! A definite solution with a proven track record!

And it's outlined and discussed in the very easy to read and understand book:

"I'll Be Running for President .. will you join me?"

In this short read, you'll learn of the great design our Founders had for our Country and how it propelled our Nation to the enviable position in the World it held.

You'll learn that all Americans should learn to be somewhat engaged in their Country and act as a President; and of an absolutely undeniable piece necessary to our success!

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