In addition to our weekly meetings, we enjoy an annual "Celebrate America" cruise down the gorgeous St Croix river that borders Minnesota and Wisconsin. There's always a fabulous meal aboard our 4 deck 100' pleasure yacht, a very special speaker, some meaningful presentations and activities, and a collection of some mighty fine Americans!

We have frequently hosted the "Making of America" seminar here into the Twin Cities. It is a nationally acclaimed seminar that has been very well received and applauded by the participants.

From time to time, we've been known to host 2nd Amendment events. Specialized training happens, lots of targets end up with holes in them, good food gets shared, and a lot of fun is had by all. 

A special day for us, The 56 Club, is September 17th, Constitution Day. For several years, we hosted a "We Read the Constitution" Day event that was attended by George Washington and his darling wife, Martha; as well as Ben Franklin - without his kite!

The short version is, we have some fun, learn a lot, and come together as Americans to do what we can for our Country. We're not Republicans or Democrats. We are Americans; and want to preserve this Great Land for generations yet to come!

Consider joining us .. Consider supporting us!

Locally, join us at our weekly meetings whenever you can - always room for one more.

Out of the area, consider starting a 56 Club Chapter in your area.

And yes, as with all groups, we could certainly use your financial support. Oftentimes, we try to allow students and/or Veterans to enjoy our events at no, or reduced, costs.

Your donation could help us in that effort!!!

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Thank You!!!

We don't do a lot of clowning around!?!?!?!

We have a fair amount of fun. We do things - we learn a lot. We're busy; but there's lots to do.

So far: We host a weekly Tuesday nite meeting at Perkins in Eagan from 6-8pm. We have Constitutional classes and discussions. We host a variety of speakers. We view educational films on all the major issues - from National Security to Immigration and History. Thus far, no one has left bored or frazzled.


 The 56 Club